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The Best Sports Booksellers Have to Offer

Whether you're an avid football fan or a diehard baseball fan, sports booksellers have a selection that's sure to please your taste. Here are some of the best titles from the world of sports. Vince Lombardi, Tony Brown, George Plimpton and Jim Brosnan all make good additions to any collection. And if you're looking for a new book to read while you watch the game, Sports Booksellers have plenty of options to choose from.

Tony Brown

For those who have been following Brown's career, he may be familiar with his name. The basketball player went by the nickname "Tony Brown" when he was in the G League. But, a few weeks ago, he was on the bench for the Washington Wizards. This story is just as intriguing and should not be missed. Tony Brown has many fans and sports fans alike. Read on to learn more about this unique talent.

As a college player, Brown was part of two CFP national championship teams with Alabama and recorded an interception in the Crimson Tide's final game. As an undrafted rookie, he attended training camp with the Los Angeles Chargers and was later released. He then found his way onto the Packers' practice squad, which led to his promotion to the active roster in the fourth week of the 2018 season. In his first year with Green Bay, Brown recorded 34 tackles and added one forced fumble. This year, he has accumulated 10 tackles for loss and has forced two fumbles.

Vince Lombardi

The legend of Vince Lombardi can be found in sports books and sports memorabilia, both in print and on the Internet. A fan of football since his childhood, Lombardi grew up surrounded by sports. He dragged his friends to Giants games and organized sandlot football games, dictating the rules of the game and deciding who won and lost. His parents were Catholic, and their faith played a prominent role in his life.

This Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the legendary NFL coach is an excellent place to start your collection. David Maraniss has written one of the best sports biographies ever. He uses the same approach as social commentators like Ken Burns and David Halberstam. The result is a detailed account of a life that is both inspiring and informative. Vince Lombardi sports booksellers have an unparalleled history of capturing the greatness of their subject.

George Plimpton

If you're a fan of football, you know the importance of having a well-written sports book. George Plimpton was the king of sports writing, penning six books and contributing several dozen articles to Sports Illustrated. A former sportswriter, he became a national icon for his work and hated the term "participatory journalism" even though he was not a reporter.

His writings have been translated into a number of languages and genres, including German and Spanish. He has also published an enhanced e-book version of his sports books. His books are not only widely known but are also a great gift for avid sports fans. You'll love these books as much as you did when they first came out. They're also great gifts for avid readers. You'll never be bored with Plimpton's writing, so pick up a few of his books and read a few.

Jim Brosnan

Baseball is one of the most popular sports, and Jim Brosnan was a legend, playing in the major leagues for nine seasons with the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox, and Cincinnati Reds. In between seasons, he became a sportscaster and published articles for Sports Illustrated, Life, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the New York Times Magazine. These are just a few of the books Brosnan wrote about his experiences.

His candid portrayal of players and the tensions in baseball teams during the racial era is one of the book's most interesting aspects. Readers will be surprised to learn how much Brosnan drank and chased women. His candor earned him both praise and criticism, and his book even inspired the author to write about other sports figures. He was eventually traded mid-season from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Cincinnati Reds.

Jim Bouton

If you love baseball and want to get your hands on some of the greatest books in the genre, you should try Jim Bouton's book "The Sport of Kings." The author of The Game of Kings was an MLB player who played from 1960 to 1969. He was an accomplished author and a skilled businessman who supplemented his baseball income by owning a real estate business. While playing for the Pilots, Bouton would often meet with reporters and discuss the game, politics, and his favorite books.

Ball Four is one of his most famous books, and it was a bestselling book when it was published in 1970. It documented Bouton's 1969 season as a big league pitcher and exposed many of the pitfalls that a young player can face. Ball Four's defiantly confronted many baseball "sacred cows" and ignited controversy by exposing the game's venal owners. In spite of its controversial subject matter, many fans were touched by Bouton's realism.

David Halberstam

If you've been looking for a great book about sports, then you should pick up a copy of David Halberstam's "The Breaks of the Game." This is his first book and is a great addition to any sports bookseller's collection. Halberstam's book is a fascinating look at how athletes live and work, as well as what makes a great team.

Halferstam's story of the 1964 World Series pits the venerable Yankees against the upstart St. Louis Cardinals and reflects the tensions in a nation in turmoil. The book includes game-changing plays and a cast of legends. Halberstam's fluid writing style captures every moment, making the book easy to read and absorb. Unlike other sports books, Halberstam's stories are full of humor and relatable stories of life as a player.

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