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Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort

Mar 16, 2022 |
Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park. Set among beautiful tropical landscaping some of the best fishing in Thailand. Surrounded by mountain and lake views, complimented by four star facilities, ... Read more

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Types of Sports Magazines

There are many different types of Sports Magazines. Tennis, Bicycling, Running, and Runner's World are a few examples of these titles. You might even be interested in reading a Sports Magazine just for your kids! There is something for everyone! Here are just a few of our favorites:

Tennis Magazine

While most of the information in the world of tennis can be found on the internet, there are still several reasons to purchase a copy of Tennis Magazine. In the UK, this magazine focuses on tennis and offers in-depth reviews and commentary from respected tennis journalists. You can subscribe to the magazine online for free, or pay $10 for the print version. If you prefer the look and feel of a magazine, you may want to try a subscription to the Tennis Industry Mag.

Subscribers will get information about all aspects of tennis, from player profiles to statistics, schedules, and draws. You can also find the latest news and gear in Tennis Magazine. Regardless of the level of your tennis game, you'll find the latest news and information about the sport. And if you love to read about tennis gear and the latest trends in tennis, this publication is the place to turn. With dozens of articles on the latest gear, you can learn more about the sport than you would in other media.


Cycling sports magazines aren't the only publications for cyclists, though. The latest edition of 'Cyclist' features a gravel bike test and an ascent of Mont Ventoux. The cycling world is wide and diverse, and this bicycling magazine celebrates the sport. There are inspiring stories of cyclists, news of bike events around the world, and technical explanations for the cyclist. There's also a lot of content about bike maintenance, including how to care for your bike.

Cycling Plus is one of the best-selling bicycle magazines in the UK. With its witty writing and interesting features, it aims to educate and inspire cyclists of all levels. It contains testing and buying guides for essential cycling gear, training tips, nutrition secrets, and practical tips. The magazine is targeted at both recreational cyclists and professional road racers. In addition to the sports section, each issue also includes interviews with pro cyclists.

Runner's World

Originally titled The Runner, the running magazine was founded in 1966 by Bob Anderson, who published it from his Manhattan, Kansas, home. Since the second edition, Hal Higdon has been writing for the publication. In 1969, Anderson changed the name to Runner's World and brought on Joe Henderson as its chief editor. The magazine's headquarters were relocated to Mountain View, California, and the magazine grew immensely during the "running boom" of the 1970s. While competing with New York's Running magazine, Runner's World continued to grow and thrive.

Since its launch in the U.S., the magazine has expanded internationally. Currently, it has editions in 18 countries, including Canada, Argentina, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, China, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, and Turkey. Its international division is called NatMag Rodale, and editors in each country receive copies of the U.S. magazine for reference, but publish original content. Runner's World is also available in print and online.

Runner's World Kids

Runner's World Kids Run is an event that encourages young runners and their families to enjoy the sport. All participants in the Kids Run are encouraged to register in advance, but parents are encouraged to limit the number of adults running with their children. The Kids Run is free to attend and a prerace warm-up will take place on Levitt Lawn at 12 noon. Participants must wear an official Runner's World Kids Run bib.

This non-profit group's mission is to provide children with the tools and motivation they need to lead healthier lives. Kids participate in a running program that challenges them to run the equivalent of up to four marathons in three to nine months. They can earn medals for completing the program, which consists of four marathon-length training sessions. Runner's World Kids provides resources and guidance on running nutrition and training. These programs are designed for children in pre-school through high school.

Runner's World Women's Issue

The inaugural Runner's World Women's Issue highlights five trail running superstars, each facing a unique operational challenge in running and life. These five women represent the initial members of the Runners Alliance, and have been active in combating stereotypes about their gender and identity. We take a look at each of these women in this issue and why they are making a difference in the running world. We hope that you will read their stories, too, and find them inspiring.

Since its founding in 1892, Runner's World has expanded its audience outside the U.S. The magazine has 18 international editions published by NatMag Rodale, a joint venture between Hearst Corporation in the UK and Rodale Inc. in the United States. International editions are published in countries such as Australia/New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, China, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden. The editors of each edition have access to the U.S. edition, but publish their own content.

Guns Magazine

Founded in 1947, Guns Magazine is the premier over-the-counter firearms publication. It provides gun enthusiasts with unmatched information, entertainment, and insight on the world of guns. From ancient weapons of the Wild West to modern replicas, Guns Magazine covers a wide range of topics. Each issue features expert tips, historical articles, and gun law. Guns Magazine offers a print subscription for up to 5 years at a discounted rate.

Box magazines are typically attached to the weapon with clips, straps, or built-in studs, making them easier to carry. They can hold several rounds and are often called 'jungle style'. Box magazines are more convenient to handle. They also make reloading easier. Some of today's most popular firearms use box magazines. However, not all firearms use them. Some revolvers use drum magazines. Some of these firearms are designed with a drum magazine.

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