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Side Channel Blower Brands

When choosing a side channel blower, there are a few things to keep in mind. The discharge temperature and pressure will affect the power and flow of the side channel blower. These factors limit the blower's maximum performance. The maximum pressure and discharge temperature will be specified by the manufacturer and will determine the blower's continuous operating range. The manufacturer should provide specifications for each product to ensure it meets the conditions in which it is intended to be used.

Elmo Rietschle

If you're looking for a quality side channel blower, look no further than Elmo Rietschle side channel blowers. Using proven technology, these machines are extremely reliable and are virtually maintenance-free. With a wide range of sizes, performance levels, and capacities, you'll find the perfect side channel blower for any application. And thanks to their innovative rotary lobe design, they're virtually maintenance-free as well!

Elmo Rietschle side channel blowers are extremely reliable, have low noise levels, and are nearly maintenance-free. Their rugged construction and light weight make them ideal for sewage treatment plants. With all of these advantages, it's easy to see why these side channel blowers have been the industry standard for years. Listed below are some of the benefits of these products:

Regenerative Elmo Rietschle side channel blowers are the work horse of the vacuum industry. These reliable machines provide wear-free vacuum, and their high pump efficiency makes them highly efficient. They also reduce energy use by operating with low noise levels. With so many uses, it's no wonder that these machines have won several awards. For more information, visit www.elmo-rietschle.com/products/elmo rietschle side channel blowers


Dutair Side Channel Blowers are ideal for pneumatic transport of air and gas. Their unique design allows material to pass through the air channel without passing through the pump housing. Dutair products have been proven reliable in vacuum settings, point extraction, and cooling applications. Common uses include bio and chemical applications that require clean, dry air. They are suitable for continuous operation and are energy-efficient. They are available in a range of sizes, and are highly versatile and flexible.

The Dutair side channel blowers are durable and reliable. Due to their die-cast aluminium casing, they operate quietly and reliably. They deliver high volumes of clean air at low pressures and vacuums. These products also require no lubrication and virtually no maintenance. In addition to ensuring reliability, Dutair Side Channel Blowers also come with a variety of mounting options, including vertical and horizontal installation.

Depending on the application, a Dutair Side Channel Blower will perform well in low to medium pressure. A side channel blower can also perform as a high pressure blower. They are often used as vacuum pumps. Unlike the high pressure Dutair Turbo blowers, they can also produce large flows. Ultimately, you should choose the best Dutair Side Channel Blowers for your needs.


The pressure field in a side channel blower is governed by three fundamental processes: the rise in pressure, the decrease in pressure, and the change in fluid state. These three processes determine the typical behavior of a side channel blower. This paper describes these processes, as well as demonstrates the relationship between the two. In addition, it illustrates the relationship between the pressure field and geometric discontinuities. Therefore, it provides a better understanding of the behavior of side channel blowers.

These side channel blowers generate air pressure through suction and blowing. The impeller in a side channel blower consists of two ring-shaped separate side channels. This design is widely applicable in pneumatic conveying systems, lifting parts by vacuum, and packaging machines. Herz Side Channel Blowers are also applicable in dental suction equipment and soil remediation. They also have many uses in textile machines. Herz Side Channel Blowers are made of high-quality, durable components.

Herz side channel blowers have a pulsation-free design and can be installed vertically or horizontally. They are made of die-cast aluminium and feature sealed for-life bearings. They also run quietly thanks to energy-efficient motors and energy-efficient designs. If you are looking for an air-handling unit, Herz has the perfect solution for your needs. There are a variety of options to meet your needs.


For applications where vacuum or overpressure is required, Samos Side Channel Blowers are an excellent choice. They are available in single and two-stage configurations and feature precision die-cast aluminum components. These blowers can also be installed in the horizontal or vertical positions, depending on the needs of the application. In addition, they feature oil-free compression and sealed for life bearings. For maximum performance, consider purchasing Samos side channel blowers for your application.

The impulse principle of Samos side channel blowers is the key to their operation. The kinetic energy of the rotating impeller is transferred to the pumping medium, which is then compressed and conveyed to the second stage. Samos Side Channel Blowers provide high-pressure air and vacuum, and can be used for a variety of applications, including aeration, pneumatic conveying, holding and lifting, carton folding, and printing industries. Samos SI side channel blowers are designed to require minimal maintenance and have low power consumption.

Designed for industrial applications, Samos Side Channel Blowers feature non-contacting and oil-free compression. Available in single-stage and dual-stage models, SAMOS Side Channel Blowers are ideal for applications that require pulsation-free operation and high suction capacity. The die-cast aluminum construction offers excellent durability and is a sturdy option that is versatile enough for both vacuum and pressure applications.

Herz HD140

The Herz HD140 Side Channel Blower has a high performance and low noise level. This unit is compact and free of oil. The blower offers excellent performance and improved efficiency at low operating costs. The blower is maintenance free and comes with a high quality stainless steel filter installed at the intake connection. It is available at industry-leading prices. Further, the blower's low noise level makes it a perfect fit for all applications.

The main component of the side channel blower is its bladed impeller and ring-shaped split housing. The impeller rotates fast, transferring kinetic energy to the pumping medium. The impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft, while a specially shaped housing forms the side channel. The pumping medium is then sucked into the side channel and compressed again before being discharged. This device is capable of producing blast air or a vacuum. The differential pressure produced by the device is dependent on the motor's rated power. Two silencers are included to ensure quiet operation.


This report contains detailed information on the SEKO Side Channel Blowers market. It provides a comprehensive assessment of the side channel blower market, including the major issues and mitigation strategies, global and regional consumption, and market share. It also provides insights into the market strategies and future prospects, as well as company profiles and SWOT analyses of the top market players. It also covers a detailed segmentation by type, manufacturer, and region.

The performance of SEKO Side Channel Blowers is largely influenced by their temperature and pressure characteristics. The maximum operating temperature and pressure limit the blower's performance. Consequently, the manufacturer provides specification on the maximum operating temperature, pressure, and ambient temperature. This information helps determine the correct size and power consumption. For the best results, it is essential to select an appropriate model. This way, you will be able to choose a reliable, efficient SEKO Side Channel Blower.

The global side channel blower market is expected to grow at a five percent CAGR from 2020 to 2026. However, this growth rate is subject to changes in demand for different types of SEKO Side Channel Blowers, and the price of these devices may also change. However, in general, prices will remain relatively low through this period. The demand for SEKO Side Channel Blowers will continue to increase, due to the rising global demand for these products.

Samos SB D0 series

The SB D0 series side channel blowers from Samos are suited for various vacuum and pressure applications. These blowers are available in horizontal as well as vertical configurations, and feature die-cast aluminium construction and sealed for life bearings. These side channel blowers do not require oil or other operating fluids and operate quietly, with their energy-efficient motors. They also feature high-performance air filters.

These blowers feature two main components: a split ring housing and a bladed impeller. The blades pass near the inlet, accelerating the gas outward and forward. The ring-shaped housing deflects the air as it travels, causing spiral cycles several times during one revolution of the impeller. The blades push the compressed gas through a narrow static chamber, creating a powerful air flow.

These side channel blowers feature a wide range of features, including a high-efficiency motor. They can generate up to 1,000 mbar of differential pressure. Compared to earlier systems, these side channel blowers are highly efficient. They can operate for over 20,000 hours without needing to be serviced, and have no maintenance requirements. In addition, these blowers are rugged and reliable, so they can withstand harsh conditions without malfunctioning.

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