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Side Channel Blower Types

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a side channel blower. The maximum pressure and discharge temperature are critical to its performance. The manufacturer will specify the maximum pressure, air temperature, and continuous admissible operating area when you are choosing a side channel blower. However, you should know that the performance of a side channel blower is limited by its motor power and the maximum temperature. You should be able to read the specifications on the manufacturer's website to determine the proper power and pressure for your needs.


The Dutair side channel blower is used for pneumatic transport and air and gas handling applications. It is an ideal choice for removing material in the process as it does not allow the materials to pass through the pump housing. Dutair side channel blowers are reliable and have proven their capabilities in point extraction, vacuum settings, and cooling applications. They are a good choice for applications requiring dry, clean air. They are also suitable for applications that require continuous operation.

Dutair side channel blowers are built with first class die-cast aluminium materials. They feature precise machining of the impeller and are tested thoroughly before delivery. They are available with directly flange-mounted motors for vertical and horizontal installations. The supply and exhaust air silencers can be mounted variably. You can choose a blower with free shaft end or a belt drive on the base frame. Dutair side channel blowers are available with ATEX approval.

Side channel blowers use an impulse principle. The kinetic energy created by rotating the impeller is transferred into pressure, which in turn is transferred into air or other liquid. Inside a specially shaped housing, the impeller is mounted on the motor shaft. The pumping medium is sucked into the side channel and then compressed again before being discharged. These side channel blowers can generate blast air or a vacuum. The maximum differential pressure of these air and gas blowers depends on the motor's rated power. The blowers also include two silencers for noise-free operation.


The electror side channel blowers are a type of air blower with turbo differential pressure up to 750 mbar (75,000 Pa) and airflows up to 1,150 m3/h. The blowers are oil-free and come with a silencer on the intake and discharge sides of the fan to reduce noise levels. The blower is constructed of cast aluminium, and ribs in the housing provide excellent heat dissipation. All blowers are supplied with a set of rubber feet.

This report analyzes the global Side Channel Blowers market from a global perspective. It covers market size and growth, regional outlook and competitive landscape. The report includes the competitive landscape, key players, and countries/regions. The report also contains the latest trends in the Side Channel Blowers market, including the product types, applications, and pricing structure. Further, the report also analyzes the product's technological advancement and its future outlook.


BIBUS Side Channel Blowers are available with single or dual-stage operation. The G-Series side channel blowers have a compact design with a height and width of 125mm and a depth of 60mm. Their 2,500-m3/h airflow capacity is achieved with differential pressure up to 780 mbar. In addition to this, these blowers are quiet and provide long-term reliability with 20,000 operational hours without failure.

The main purpose of side channel blowers is to create differential pressure between the inlet and outlet. The pressure differential increases in proportion to the working load on the blower parts. Side channel blowers are typically found in industrial and commercial applications where there is a high pressure difference between inlet and outlet air. While side channel blowers are relatively common, very few companies produce them. These versatile blowers are available with variable or fixed pressures to meet specific requirements.


The G-Series Side Channel Blowers are direct drive units that operate on the impulse principle technology. The rotating impeller imparts velocity to the gas, which is then swept off the impeller blades. Their direct drive design guarantees contact-free compression and maximum operational reliability. They also provide excellent power efficiency. In many applications, these units can save up to 30% energy. For more information, contact Air Equipment.

Among its many advantages, the G-Series Side Channel Blowers are reliable and highly efficient. They feature low noise levels compared to other vacuum pumps and are therefore an excellent choice for busy warehouses and conveying gases. Moreover, this model series comes in a variety of capacities, which can meet the most diverse requirements. The high-quality G-Series Side Channel Blowers can withstand differential pressures of up to 1,000 mbar.

The G-BH100 side channel blower is a small side channel blower with adjustable volume flow. Its electronically commuted DC motor ensures maintenance-free operation for more than 20,000 hours. The G-BH1 side channel blowers are also very quiet, requiring no lubrication. They are also 60% lighter than their standard counterparts. Aside from this, the G-BH series is also compatible with a wide range of mains power supplies.


The G-BH100 Side Channel Blower is an affordable and powerful air cleaning system that is easy to use and install. Its enclosed motor and electronic circuitry prevents dust and debris from entering and clogging the system. The G-BH100 has a voltage range of 0...10 V DC, with an open collector max of 28 V. This system has a three-year warranty. Read the operating instructions carefully before operating the unit.

The G-BH100 Side Channel Blower is designed to work with a variety of gas cleaning applications and is almost maintenance-free. This unit is available in different neutral CAD formats and IE2 motors. The side channel blower's speed range is adjustable, with the inlet and outlet located on the same side. The IE2 motors allow for easy adjustment of the speed and load reserves. Its semi-circular design makes it easy to clean.

The G-BH100 Side Channel Blower provides a high differential pressure at low noise levels, and has a small footprint. With dimensions of just 125mm and a depth of 90mm, the G-BH100 side channel blower is the smallest side channel airflow device on the market. It is an ideal choice for applications requiring high differential pressures and high throughput. You can use this versatile air blower for a variety of applications in the industrial sector, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries.


The G-BH1 Side Channel Blower is a lightweight, compact unit with adjustable volume flow. Its DC-drive electronic motor is maintenance-free for over 20,000 hours. Operating electronics allow for infinitely variable output and speed. A 60 percent weight saving over comparable standard machines ensures maximum portability and energy efficiency. The compact design is ideal for tight areas and applications. It is ideal for a variety of applications, including medical technology and fine mechanical applications.

Designed to be compact, the G-BH1 side channel blower is the smallest gas ring vacuum compressor on the market. Its adjustable volume flow makes it easy to achieve the precise performance required. The compact design and high-quality parts and construction ensure durability and longevity. With a low price tag, you can expect it to perform at peak performance. A wide range of specifications is available for various applications. The G-BH1 Side Channel Blower can be found online or at local retail outlets.

The G-BH1 Side Channel Blower provides low noise operation and a differential pressure of 780 mbar. It is easy to operate and reliable, with a guaranteed 20,000-hour service life. Its compact design fits easily into tight spaces and requires little maintenance. Elmo Rietschle G-BH1 side channel blower models also come with IE2 motors. It's important to purchase a G-BH1 repair manual, as it is essential to ensure that the machine is repaired safely and efficiently.


A G-BH7 Side Channel Blower features a variable-speed, frequency-controlled motor to increase efficiency and expand operating range. The blower's speed is controlled by a PID control to achieve set pressure and flow at varying capacities. A frequency drive can also help reduce energy consumption by obviating the need for motor protection. Its IP55 or IP66 housing eliminates the need for encasing.

The G-BH7 Side Channel Blower is smaller and lighter than comparable gas ring compressors. Its compact size and lightweight design reduce shipping, packaging, electrical installation, and operating energy costs. The side channel design allows the housing components to rotate in 45-degree increments without the use of manifolds. Additionally, it is capable of generating up to 1,000 mbar of pressure. A side benefit is that it can operate in harsh environments.

The side channel design of the G-BH7 Side Channel Blower helps reduce noise levels. The noise level is lower than the noise level of other gas ring compressors. This is possible thanks to the vacuum pump's low-frequency and wear-free design. Furthermore, the G-BH7 Side Channel Blowers can operate for 20,000 hours without requiring any maintenance. This feature makes them ideal for industrial settings where high-speed and precision operation are essential.

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