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Side Channel Blowers

Side Channel Blowers

The design of side channel blowers is characterized by a sealing on gas-contacting surfaces. The sealing process is double mechanical or liquid, and it is capable of resisting even slightly aggressive media. The sealing system is also durable enough to withstand high temperatures and humidity. The side channel blower is often referred to as a rotary screw compressor. To find out more about side channel blowers, read on. Here's a brief overview of these products.

Elmo Rietschle

The HB-129-S Elmo Rietschle Side Channel Dry-Running Blower is a great choice for a wide variety of applications. These machines are lightweight and offer low noise levels. Furthermore, they can operate with little or no maintenance. Whether you need a unit for commercial or industrial use, you can count on Mid-Tech to provide a professional installation.

A multi-national OEM has recently placed a major order for side channel blower technology from Elmo Rietschle. The order will help the company deliver lifesaving and urgent medical ventilators to hospitals in China in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Elmo Rietschle will expand its manufacturing operations in Germany to meet this critical demand. The G-BH is also 60% lighter than the standard, reducing the cost of packaging and shipping. The G-BH is also capable of rotating its housing components in 45-degree increments without requiring manifolds. In addition, 200-Hz motors are not required, allowing the system to run for extended periods without any maintenance.

Regenerative side channel blowers from Elmo Rietschle are available in a variety of sizes and performance ranges. Some models can handle differential pressures up to 420 in. H2O, and come in a variety of sizes to suit any application. The S-VSI screw vacuum pump represents modern dry running vacuum technology. It is energy-efficient, reliable, and versatile enough to fit any industrial application.


The Dutair Side Channel Blowers are the ideal solution for a variety of applications, including HVAC, food processing and refrigeration, and air handling. These versatile machines offer variable-frequency operation and are compatible with toerenregeling. Each of the Dutair side channel blowers is equipped with a PTC to optimize energy efficiency. All Dutair products have data sheets available on the product page. For more information, please visit the Dutair website.

These products are designed with a low mechanical and electrical load, and they can be fitted with a range of accessories to facilitate optimum implementation. Dutair's focus is on minimizing maintenance and operational reliability. Turbo technology is a popular option for the compression of air in Dutair side channel blowers. The high-efficiency design of these machines makes them highly suitable for use as a vacuum pump. If you're planning on purchasing a Dutair side channel blower, consider a few things first.

Dutair Side Channel Blowers use the impulse principle, whereby kinetic energy from a rotating impeller is transferred to the pumping medium. The impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft and is surrounded by a specially-shaped housing that forms the side channel. Once inside, the pumping medium is sucked into the chamber and compressed again before being discharged. This allows these units to generate both a vacuum and blast air, depending on the power of the motor. The differential pressure and noise level are dependent on the motor's rated power. These blowers are also designed to run quietly, with two noise-proof silencers.


Elektror Side Channel Blowers offer a wide range of application facilities, and are an ideal choice wherever air as an energy supply will yield optimal results. This includes applications such as air filtration, recirculation, and ventilation. The range of Electror Side Channel Blowers is extensive and includes a wide variety of models. They are compact and maintenance-free. The blowers are completely oil-free, making them ideal for applications where oil or grease may not be suitable.

In addition, Side Channel Blowers Market report provides data on global industry, including historical market size, competitive landscape, and future forecasts. It also highlights key aspects of the industry, such as the growth opportunities, market drivers, and industry structure. The report covers the sales and revenue forecast of Side Channel Blowers across all regions, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and the Middle East. The report also provides market size and growth opportunity for the side channel blowers market, which helps companies determine which countries will witness the highest growth.


The pressure field in side channel blowers can be characterized by three fundamental processes: the change in fluid state, the rise in side channel pressure, and the pressure drop across the stripper. This paper describes these three processes, and links them to a general theory of side channel blowers. For example, the convergent zero shift can help reduce the effect of thermal fluctuations on the measured signal, whereas the difference in pressure across the stripper surface can be caused by a side channel blower stopping.

The G-Series side channel blowers are suitable for worldwide applications. These side channel blowers are available with either 50 or 60-Hz motors, which means that they can be used in countries around the world with different power requirements and voltage ranges. They have been certified to meet UL 1450 and CSA C22.2 No. 68-09, making them highly compatible for a wide variety of applications.


Samos Side Channel Blowers are regenerative air pumps that are suitable for pressure and vacuum duties. They offer pulsation-free flow and can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position. They feature die cast aluminium construction, sealed for life bearings, oil-free compression, and low power consumption. Their low noise and high pumping speeds make them ideal for low-volume applications. For more information, visit Samos' website.

Side channel blowers are made from die-cast aluminum. Their single-stage and dual-stage designs can meet all your vacuum and pressure needs. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and are available in multiple sizes and models. They have a lifetime warranty and are highly durable. The Samos Side Channel Blowers are manufactured in Gurgaon, India. They are available in single-stage and two-stage models and feature a robust design for long-lasting use.

Herz HD140

The Herz HD140 Side Channel Blower offers a high degree of reliability, efficiency and noise reduction, with no oil consumption. This medium-pressure blower has a logical performance graduation, is compact, and requires minimal maintenance. A number of options are available, including a flange mounted motor or a belt drive, and a free shaft end or base frame mounted electric motor. Several options are available for a variety of operating conditions.

The pressure field within the side channel is calculated through the use of cfd simulations and analytical methods. However, in order to verify the theoretical models, experimental data is required. This paper describes the pressure field in a side channel blower and its effect on the surface of the blades and housing. The paper also shows the relationship between geometric discontinuities and dominant pressure fluctuations. This paper highlights the limitations of current side channel blower designs and provides new recommendations for future models.

Elektror SB D0 series

The SB D0 series side channel blowers are designed to handle combustible gases. They are equipped with lip seals and a barrier fluid. These side channel blowers are easy to install, have low noise levels, and are vibration-free. The blowers can be controlled by a frequency inverter for increased output. Depending on the application, these side channel blowers can be used for gas conveying, as well.

Samos SB D0 series side channel blowers are single-stage units that are suitable for a variety of applications. They have a powerful motor that can reach a maximum differential pressure, which is proportional to the motor rated power. This blower is also energy-efficient and maintenance-free. It is also compatible with pulsation-free gases and air. Its versatility also enables it to be used in applications that require vacuum and overpressure.

Samos SB D0

The Samos SB D0 Side Channel Blowers are suitable for vacuum and pressure duty applications, and provide pulsation-free air flow. Available in single-stage and two-stage models, these blowers are made of die-cast aluminium, offer low noise and vibration, and feature oil-free compression and a non-contacting impeller. These blowers are also incredibly versatile, and are designed to be installed horizontally or vertically for optimal flexibility.

A side channel blower has two major stages. The first stage has an impeller mounted directly to the shaft of the motor, while the second stage conveys the pumped medium to the next stage. Here, the pumped medium is compressed and discharged. Alternatively, a two-stage SAMOS conveys the pumped medium to a second stage after one rotation, which is used to increase the differential pressure.